"Be Insure" a flagship desktop software application of Accrete, this is a targeted at insurance agents of LIC. It is an end-to-end business management tool which encompasses all aspects of the agents business. Thereby it enables him to provide the best quality service to his customers. With its array of powerful illustrations and presentation tools, it also empowers the agent to make high value sales with maximum customer satisfaction.

Quick Combinations

  • Golden Ray
  • Retirement Care Pack (I, II, III & IV)
  • Education Care Pack
  • Tax Saving Bonanza
  • Loan Protector

Premimum Calc

  • Premium
  • Commission / Bonus
  • Surrender Value
  • Paidup Value
  • Loan Value

Quick Presentation

  • e-Proposal
  • Need based Insurance
  • Advance Premium Calcualtion
  • Quotation Multiplan
  • Quotation group
  • Quotation Compare (Spreadsheet)
  • Special Plans
  • Quick Combination
  • Tax Calculator

Policy Services

  • Comprehensive Insurance Chart
  • Cash Flow Chart
  • Premium Calender
  • Premium Statement
  • Policy Status Chart
  • Loan/Surrender Value Quotatiion
  • Revival Quotation
  • Survival benefit Statement
  • Maturity Date

Consumer moments are split across a multitude of application. These moments demand that you think of retail not solely as a destination that you create and manage. Each of these moments present an opportunity to inspire consumers wherever they are...